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June 18th, 2010

Create Ringtone for iPhone

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It is not just easy to use any of songs as your ringtone in iPhone. Ringtones for iPhone are different and stored in some internal specific location in phone. As apple sells ringtone, and direct use/transfer is not allowed in iPhone so you can not use any ringtone. But here is the trick to create your own ringtone and use that in your iPhone. Open iTunes Listen up the song and note-down start and stop time for ringtone Right click on song and choose “Get Info” Go to “Options” tab Enter start and stop time as you noted earlier (Use maximum 40 seconds duration) Click on song ***Click on “Advanced” of top menu bar -> “Create AAC version” Now iTunes will create its AAC version, wait for its completion. After its completion, you can delete the created file. Don’t delete from disk (Choose “Keep File” in delete confirmation) Now go to iTunes internal data folder i.e. folder where iTunes keeps the songs and other stuff. Go in “Music” folder ->”<Artist name>” -> “<Album name>” -> File with extension .m4a Rename it and change its extension from .m4a to .m4r Now double click on renamed file, file will be added to ringtone in iTunes and also will be moved to ringtone folder of iTunes data. Now connect iPhone and sync with ringtones. Note:  -> Point 7 may differ in various iTunes versions. In older version, it can be found just in context menu by right clicking on song. -> This will not work for songs brought…