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August 18th, 2020

Friendship between the Kingdoms – Chapter 1

Kids, by Yogesh.

Sharing a story… penned by kids, for kids đŸ™‚

(By Avni Sharma, Ishti Sharma, Divyansh Sharma, Shubhang Sharma)

Chapter 1

There were two kingdoms. One was Oceanflow and the other was Flame. In Oceanflow, there lived a queen named Oceana and princess named Pinkey. There also lived “Dell (The Sea Turtle)” near the palace, he was incharge of the Oceanflow army.

In the Flame kingdom, there was a price named FireFlame, he was the only one from the royal family.

One day when the queen and princess were resting, a letter came from Dell (The Sea Turtle) who lived nearby. The queen woke up and saw the letter. She read it. She woke up the princess. They both swam to the guards and said, “Today prince Fireflame will come to visit us, so if we come late then tel the prince to come to meet us at the house of the Dell the sea turtle”. Then they left.

After sometime, prince Fireflame came. As he came, the guards told him to go to the house of Dell. After sometime, the prince reach to the house of Dell. He went in and met the queen, princess and Dell. They were having a great time, just then the queen and the princess decided to go to see their “Life Heart”.

They went to the border of their kingdom into the Life cave and to the chest in which Life Heart kept. They opened it to see the heart but they found the heart missing.


End of Chapter 1 

 Stay tuned for next chapter… coming soon.

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